9 Days Steps of Paul



DAY 1 — NORTH AMERICA / ATHENS.  Depart North America on our flight across the Atlantic Ocean to Athens, Greece.

DAY 2 — ATHENS.  Arrive today in Athens, Greece enjoy a panoramic tour through the city.  Stop at the Plaka to visit the local shops.  Dinner and overnight at our hotel.

DAY 3 — CORINTH / DELPHI.  This morning we continue with a tour to ancient Corinth.  We drive along the spectacular Greek coastline to reach the Corinth Canal and cross over to the Peloponnese.  A short stop at the canal and continue to ancient Corinth, Paul’s beloved city and site of his most extensive ministry. Visit the archaeological museum and the ancient site: the agora, the Doric Temple of Apollo, and the Bema (judgment seat) where Paul stood before Gallio and preached.  Here we can also see the synagogue where Paul preached and the house of Justus next door.  The museum contains a superb collection of artifacts portraying life in ancient Corinth. Continue to the shores of the Mediterranean for some time to swim. Continue to Delphi to discover the center of the ancient world, the “omphalos” (navel) of the earth, whose prestige extended far beyond the boundaries of the Hellenic world.  On the slopes of Mount Parnassus, in a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty lie the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios.  Visit the treasury of the Athenians, the Temple of Apollo and the museum.   Dinner and overnight.


“The brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away hy night to Beroea; and when they arrived they went into the Jewish synagogue.” (Acts 17:10-14)

After a hearty breakfast we drive to Veria (Beroea) where we visit the monument dedicated to Paul;  we see the Bema where he stood and preached to the people of Veria.  Continue on to Thessaloniki.

“Paul came to Thessaloniki with Silas and following his usual custom, he went to the Synogogue where he used the Jewish scriptures as the source for his preaching.”  (Acts 17:2-4)

Upon arrival, we have a panoramic view of the city on our way to the hotel.  Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki.

DAY 5   PHILIPPI - KAVALA Today, we visit ancient Philippi, where Octavian and Anthony defeated Brutus and Cassius, the last defenders of the Roman Republic in 42 B.C.  It was here in Philippi that Paul delivered his first sermon in Europe, sowing the seeds of Christianity.  Here, Paul baptized a “certain woman named Lydia”, the first Christian convert in Europe.  Drive to Kavala, ancient Neapolis where Paul accompanied by Silas, Luke, and Timothy first set foot in Europe.  Return to Thessaloniki for dinner and overnight.

DAY 6   THESSALONIKI - KALAMBAKA.  Today we become acquainted with Thessaloniki, the “Queen of the North,” where Paul wrote two epistles to the ancient Thessalonians.  Built by King Cassandros and named after the sister of Alexander the Great, the city flourished under the Byzantine Empire and its most important buildings date from those days.  We will drive along the waterfront to the massive White Tower and nearby Triumphal Arch of Galerius, built in 303 AD.  Drive to Kalambaka for dinner and overnight.

DAY 7 — METEORA / ATHENS.  Visit the Meteora; ageless Monasteries built atop huge gray rocks rising towards the sky, rooted deeply into the earth, yet completely isolated from the world around them, each standing unique and alone in space.  This strange complex of rock formation seemed to be nature’s gift to the pious that opted for monasticism and for a life totally dedicated to the worship of God.  Continue to Athens for dinner and overnight.

DAY 8 — ATHENS.  This morning we visit the city of Athens-one of the most glorious cities in the world and the cradle of the European civilization.  For twenty-five centuries, the panorama of this city is dominated by the rock of the Acropolis with its temples.  We will see the House of Parliament on Syntagma Square, the evzones in their picturesque uniforms guarding the Presidential Palace and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  We also see the Library, the University, the Panathenaic Stadium where the first Olympics of the modern era were held, the temple of the Olympian Zeus and Adrian’s Arch.  Of course we will also visit the world renowned Acropolis, with the ruins of the Parthenon, the Erectheum and the Propylae.  Thereafter, we will ascend Mars Hill where Paul preached the word of the lord to the ancient Athenians.  We also view the ancient agora and former center of the Athenian public life.  We will also visit the Tower of the Winds and the National Archeological Museum.  Dinner and overnight.

DAY 9 — ATHENS / NORTH AMERICA.  Transfer to the airport today for our return to the United States of America – the end of a most enjoyable journey.